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A chemical sewage treatment project in east China

BAC has long-term cooperation with Guangzhou Metro, includes Line 1, Line 2, Line 3, Line 6, Line 8 and Line Guang-fou, etc. There’re many stations using BAC Open Cooling Tower, and every station may have different site conditions, which request special solutions.


Typical Special Requirements

–  Station 1: Limited by the site conditions, only one air inlet cooling towers are acceptable.  And there’s a shopping center at a distance of 10 meters from air outlet, should strictly control the operation sound of cooling tower.

– Station 2: Cooling towers and residential buildings is only 20 meters away, and the cooling tower is 20 meters higher than residential building, so the sound requirement is very high for the air outlet.


BAC Solutions

– Recommend BAC Series 1500, which is single air inlet and can be three sides arranged against the wall

– Choose BAC Whisper Quiet Fan. Customers entrust a third party to do the factory test.  According to GB/T7190.1-2008, the sound level of air outlet is only 59 dBA, and only 57dBA for air inlet.