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Energy saving technical renovation project of a brewery in chongqing

数据中心1 The data centers of commercial banks are some of the most advanced data centers. Furthermore, the data centers facilitate data processing services globally, proving 24-hour a day, seven-day a week service without room for scheduled shutdowns. The total required cooling capacity for a data center like this is 21,000 kW.

Typical Special Requirements

1. The cooling tower should be located on the roof of the power building. Sometimes decorative walls can also provide a challenge. For this particular site, there are decorative walls that are 7 meters high. The lower section is 5.5 meters tall, and has louvers, providing fresh air to the north and south sides.

2. There’s a fresh air inlet for generators in the center of the roof. The tunnel is 3.5 meters tall, including a 2.5 meters tall louver. There are six generator air outlets underneath the roof.

3. For emergency situations in which all generators will be put into operation, the total inlet air volume necessary to start the generator is 1,280,000 m3/h.

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BAC Solutions

Job site conditions can be complicated, with existing air inlets and outlets, solid walls, and existing louvers. To help, BAC’s professional Applications Team provides customized system solutions.

1. 12 units of Series 1500 cooling towers with single side air inlets are selected to avoid the interference between the cooling tower inlets and the generator inlets/outlets.

2. BAC also provides detailed site layout, air velocity calculations, and airflow analysis of the cooling tower inlet air using Computational Fluid Dynamic.