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Low Sound Operation


Oversized Unit with Reduced Fan Motor Size

Utilizing a bigger box size unit with reduced fan motor size can reduce sound to acceptable levels. In addition to lower sound, this solution reduces energy consumption

  • 超静音风扇
  • Whisper Quiet Fan
High Solidity Axial Fans

Adding a high solidity fan decreases sound levels by decreasing fan speed, which proportionally decreases sound levels. BAC offers three fan options for reduced sound pressure levels.

1. Standard Fan

2. Low Sound Fan

3. Whisper Quiet Fan

Intake and Discharge Sound Attenuation

BAC designed, tested, and rated sound attenuation is available for both the air intake and discharge. Adding sound attenuation dampens the sound propagating from the unit.

  • 进出风消音器
  • Sound Attenuation
Single-Side Air Intake Units

Particularly sound-sensitive areas can be accommodated by facing the back panel to the sound-sensitive direction, reducing the propogation of sound.


Inverter Duty Motor

The “soft-start” feature provided by a VFD minimizes the start-up sound. Additionally, VFDs provide smooth acceleration to maximum speed. These features blend the evaporative cooling equipment sound levels into the background and make the units less noticeable to neighbors and building occupants.

  • V-系列单面进风冷却塔
  • Series V – Single Air Inlet

The BALTIGUARD™ Fan System consists of two standard motors and drive assemblies. Since periods of reduced load often coincide with requirements for lower sound levels, such as at night, the BALTIGUARD™ Fan System can often provide the desired sound reduction and is a convenient solution for meeting the needs of sound sensitive installations

  • BALTIGUARD™ Fan System
 空白行  空白行
Barrier Walls (Provided by Outside Sources)

Barrier walls dampen the noise from evaporative cooling equipment to minimize sound transmission. Barrier walls can also provide value by concealing the unit from view. Layout requirements should be taken into consideration during design to ensure that the unit has an adequate supply of fresh ambient air.

  • 噪音隔离墙
  • Barrier Walls