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No Gratuities from Suppliers

Date : 2015-08-26 14:36

To: BAC Asia Suppliers
Re: No Gratuities from Suppliers


Dear Sir/Madam:
This is a reminder to our suppliers of our policy to buy from those who are best in price, quality, and service, according to our need. In support of this policy, our employees are instructed not to accept gifts, travel, or expensive entertainment from those who supply or wish to supply  goods or services to us.
BAC does not allow gifts in any kind to any employee from our suppliers. BAC requires our employees to report to their immediate manager in writing with full information regarding the offer or receipt of gifts, travel, expensive meals or entertainment, etc. from our existing and/or potential suppliers.

As a general guide, personalized gifts such as cigarette lighters, pen sets, hand bags, belts, etc., are considered gifts which shall be declined. Any offer of cash cards, tickets, travel fare, hotel payments, and etc., shall be turned down. Participation in purely social events financed by our suppliers is considered violation of BAC policy.
Meals which are incidental to business meetings and conferences are not considered as entertainment for this purpose. General advertising momentos which are given widely by a supplier would not be considered as gifts.
BAC urges our suppliers to avoid transactions with BAC employees or their families who are dealing business with the suppliers on behalf of BAC.
To assure complete impartiality and fairness to all our suppliers and to avoid embarrassment to our employees and to you, we ask that all appropriate people in your organization be advised of our policy. We are sure you will agree that adherence to this policy is in the best interests of everyone concerned. We are confident of your understanding and cooperation.