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Third Generation ACT

Date : 2013-09-25 08:25
Third Generation ACT has the upgraded drive system, which results in longer service life, easy to install and maintain. Meanwhile, lower height is more suitable for applications with strict height limitation.



>> Upgraded Drive System

Reliable Year-Round Operation

- Heavy-duty bearings with minimum life of 80,000 hours, superior to other manufacturer’s 20,000-40,000 hours bearings life

- Special water proof design on ACT bearing specific in high humidity & high temperature environment

Easy Maintenance & Installation
- Grease fitting location is unique, by injecting grease into the top of the bearing and using gravity to push old, contaminated grease out of the bottom

- Compared to the integral bearing and bearing house, separated bearing is easy to install and maintain


>> Lower Height

- Lower height fits well for height limited job site

- The height of louvered or slotted wall is reduced along with tower, which cuts the project cost tremendously