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Parts & Services

Guaranteed to Fit and Perform: Factory Authorized Parts are manufactured to meet BAC’s rigorous cooling tower duty specifications and are guaranteed to fit your unit and perform as
original equipment. Some BAC parts are suitable for use in other manufacturer’s products.
CTI Certified Performance 
The thermal performance of all cooling towers currently manufactured by BAC is independently certified by the Cooling Technology Institute(CTI). The use of BAC Factory Authorized Parts will help maintain the performance as certified by CTI.
BAC Parts 
Welcome to BAC Parts and Services. We are excited about providing you with a vehicle that combines cooling tower parts and industry critical maintenance information. This reflects our commitment to facilitate maintenance needs for your evaporative cooling equipment. BAC has a rich history in the design and development of the world’s largest array of evaporative cooling and ice thermal storage products.
To maximize the operating life of your evaporative cooling system, your local BAC Representative can provide start-up and preventive maintenance services which will reduce the potential for unplanned downtime due to equipment failure and keep it operating at peak efficiency. Your local BAC Representative can provide you with services that are custom tailored to your equipment and operational requirements.

You will be provided with:

- Factory Start-up of cooling tower, controls and VFDs

- Periodic Inspection Reports

- Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance

- Detailed testing, measurement and analysis of critical system components

- Suite of specialized services, customized to meet your unique requirements

Equipment Upgrade
Often demands on your evaporative equipment have increased since the original specification requirements and installation of your cooling system. Your local BAC Representative can evaluate the operating efficiency and capacity of your existing system and make Equipment Upgrade recommendations that will improve system performance and extend the useful life of your equipment.

You will be provided with:

- Inspection and operating condition report

- Detailed recommendation on upgrades to improve performance

- Installation and testing of new components by factory trained technicians

- BAC factory backed service warranty

 For support on BAC Parts & Services, please feel free to contact us: (86-21) 6072 3623