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About BAC

The Company was founded in Baltimore, in 1938 by John Engalitcheff, Jr., and has become a worldwide manufacturer and marketer of evaporative heat transfer and ice thermal storage products that conserve resources and respect the environment. These products cool and conserve water and other refrigerants, conserve energy, and reduce global warming.

BAC in the world

As global leading provider of evaporative cooling and ice thermal storage system, there are 10 manufacturing facilities worldwide with 500+ distributors covering six continents to provide convenient and timely service for our customers.

BAC in China

There are two manufacturing facilities in China, located in Dalian and Kunshan.

BAC China headquarter is located in Dalian. 12 regional centers with 300+ sales and service staff will provide high-quality products and one-stop solutions.

 John_E-234x300 Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC) is a shining example of a successful transition from a small proprietorship to the multimillion-dollar enterprise it is today. The Company was founded in Baltimore, in 1938 by John Engalitcheff, Jr., and has become a worldwide manufacturer and marketer of evaporative heat transfer and ice thermal storage products that conserve resources and respect the environment. These products cool and conserve water and other refrigerants, conserve energy, and reduce global warming.

John Engalitcheff, Jr.


The company possesses a worldwide reputation for innovation through engineering research. A successful blending of design, manufacturing and marketing has lead to significant technological advancements, resulting in continued growth and development for the Company. BAC is a global company, with manufacturing locations throughout the world from Baltimore to Sydney. Over 460 North American and International sales representatives promote this manufacturing capability into a thriving business with hundreds of thousands of installations covering the globe.


The corporate headquarters is located in Howard County, Maryland, near Baltimore. This facility houses the largest, most advanced R & D laboratory complex of its kind, where innovations in evaporative cooling and heat transfer technology have originated in the past, are being developed today, and lead the industry into the future.


Today, Baltimore Aircoil Company is recognized as the world’s largest manufacturer of evaporative cooling, thermal storage, and heat transfer equipment. BAC products are sold to the commercial building market as components for air conditioning systems, to the food industry for air conditioning and refrigeration applications, and to a broad range of industries for process and power installations equipment cooling.
Our People

Baltimore Aircoil Company employees are diverse.  We come from different backgrounds, speak different languages, and are multi-disciplinary.  Even though we are different in so many aspects, we have one thing in common; enthusiasm to conserve our environment and serve our customers.

As an employee-owned company, we encourage an entrepreneurial spirit that helps us respond successfully to new opportunities and consistently improve our methods, often resulting in groundbreaking research and development of our products.


How can we help?

From employees to partners, every action at BAC centers on you, the customer. From application to installation to aftermarket needs, whether you are working with BAC Representatives, the Product & Application Handbook, or accessing the website, BAC stands ready to meet your needs.


BAC Sales Channel

BAC employs the most extensive and experienced network of manufacturer’s Representatives available to provide unrivalled local support for all of your specific application needs. Integrated globally, our network of representatives facilitates design support for projects coordinated on a local, national, or international scale. 

Who We Serve

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

The evaporative cooling and thermal storage products made by BAC are used in HVAC applications around the world.

- Cooling towers and closed circuit cooling towers are used to cool the condenser water for packaged chillers.

- Evaporative condensers are used in large built-up air conditioning systems where they can offer performance advantages unmatched by water-cooled or air-cooled packaged chillers.

- BAC ice thermal storage systems are used in several new and retrofit air conditioning applications where the advantages of electrical demand shifting and low temperature cooling water can be realized.


BAC got its start in the fledgling refrigeration industry over seventy years ago with its innovative evaporative condenser line.  BAC is still the number one supplier to this market. With current concerns about phasing out CFC-based refrigerants, ammonia and hybrid refrigerant systems are increasingly popular in a wide variety of applications.

BAC evaporative condensers are used on refrigeration systems for breweries, food processing plants, cold storage warehouses, and other installations requiring evaporative condensing capability.

Light / Industrial Manufacturing

This market segment covers a wide variety of applications where cooling is needed in industrial plants, either directly in the manufacturing of a product, or indirectly in support of the manufacturing operations.

- Cooling towers and closed circuit cooling towers provide cooling for in-plant environmental control systems, jacket cooling for air compressors, metal or plastic molding machines, electric melting furnaces, machine tool cooling, etc.

- Ice thermal storage units provide economical cooling for batch or cyclical systems such as food processing, metal and plastic molding systems, steam cleaning operations, etc.

Chemical and Petroleum Processing

Virtually all chemical and petroleum processing operations require the removal of large quantities of heat, usually by means of cooling water. BAC products provide economical and environmentally sound alternatives.

- BAC factory-assembled cooling towers, closed circuit cooling towers, and evaporative condensers provide compact, economical cooling solutions for special needs: remote locations, sound-sensitive applications, etc.

Primary Metals Producers

The plants producing steel, aluminum and other primary metals, as well as the plants producing finished shapes and other by-products all need cooling water for their operations. BAC products meet their needs as shown below:

- BAC Closed Circuit Cooling Towers provide the high-quality, closed circuit cooling required for mold cooling in modern continuous casting systems.

District Cooling Plants

District cooling is a concept that has grown in popularity as commercial building owners have seen the advantages of purchasing chilled water directly from a district cooling system rather than operate their own chillers with their maintenance requirements, CFC disposal headaches, etc.

- BAC ice thermal storage systems provide demand-shifting capability and generate low temperature (36°F) cooling water, saving on first cost, installation cost and overall operating cost compared with conventional chillers and cool water storage systems.

- BAC cooling towers and evaporative condensers provide the reliable, long-life performance required by district cooling plants.

Electrical Power Generation

Most power plants using steam to generate electricity require a cooling system to condense the steam and return it to the boiler. BAC products meet that need, but we also supply solutions to other needs within the steam/electric or combined-cycle power plant.

- BAC factory-assembled cooling towers and closed circuit cooling towers are used in many auxiliary systems in the power plant, such as transformer cooling, bearing cooling, lube oil cooling, etc.