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Energy Saving Solutions


As the leading provider of products and services for heat transfer and thermal storage, BAC has many advanced technologies to minimum the energy consumption.

CTI Certification a
- Under design conditions, the energy consumption of cooling tower is only 1/15 of chiller, which is negligible compared with the energy consumption of chiller.  But to compensate for the deficient cooling tower, the chiller’s energy consumption will be several times higher than cooling tower’s,.
- All BAC product lines are CTI certified, which ensure the chiller of reliable operation and long service life.
Optimize the Design of Cooling Tower jn2
- BAC Patented Fill, which make the heat transfer more efficient
- Optimized ratio of G/W
High Efficiency Fan Drive® System
- Standard BALTIDRIVE® Fan Drive System jn3
This BAC engineered drive system consists of a specially designed powerband and two cast aluminum sheaves located at minimal shaft centerline distances to maximize belt life.
- Two Speed Motor (Option)
The energy consumption under low heat load is only 1/8 of designed heat load, but the but the performance will reached to 1/2 of designed heat load.
- BALTIGUARD™  Fan Drive Systme
The BALTIGUARD™ Fan System consists of two standard singlespeed fan motor and drive assemblies. One drive assembly is sized for full speed and load, and the other is sized approximately 2/3 speed and consumes only 1/3 jn4